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Anthony Vaughn, October 1, 2012

One expense that college students hate putting money toward is groceries. Grocery shopping always seems to be a guaranteed large amount of money taken from us. Although grocery shopping can be expensive it doesn��t have to be. There are many ways you can make grocery shopping cheaper for you on weekly basis. Read below and you can find out how you can start saving money on grocery shopping now!

Small carts �C Instead of walking in the grocery store and grabbing a large cart get a small one. Using a small car can save you a ton of money when grocery shopping. When you grab a small cart you have half the space to put groceries. This will make is so you only get the things you need instead of what you want.

Use coupons �C Using coupons can save you a ton of money as well per week. There are always coupons on makeup, shampoos & body washes and cleaners. Those are usually always a guarantee for coupons. Never go shopping unless you have a few coupons in your hand. You can find coupons online and in the weekly news ads.

Items on sale �C Only buy groceries that are on sale. You never want to buy an item if it��s not on sale unless you really need it. Also if there is an item that you buy on a weekly basis and it��s on sale stock up! Stocking up on the item when it��s one sale can save you a lot of money. This will make you avoid buying it when it��s not on sale because you already have it.

Once a week �C Make it a habit to only go grocery shopping one time per week. This will avoid all those unnecessary trips. Every time we go grocery shopping we find more stuff that we can in for. So if we go a few times a week that��s more of the stuff that we didn��t come in for. Limit your trip to just once a week and see how you will start saving money.

Grocery list �C You always want to make sure you make a grocery list. What a grocery list does it sends you in for the things you need instead of the things you want. You are more likely to go by your grocery list instead of shopping isle to isle.

Avoid isle shopping �C Try to never go isle to isle when you��re shopping. Avoid going down the isles that don��t have the stuff you came in for. If you go down every isle you will find yourself getting more than what you came in for.

There are many ways to save money when you��re grocery shopping. If you want to start spending less and start saving more definitely consider the tips above. These will all help cut your grocery bills in half and keep you from buying the unnecessary things you don��t need. Start following these tips and watch how you don��t mind grocery shopping as much as you did before!

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