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Anthony Vaughn, October 14, 2012

In World of Warcraft, the currency used is “gold” and the strength of your character and how fast you level depends in many ways on your ability to collect the most gold.

Players want gold so bad that they actually go out and purchase gold from companies that sell it. They basically buy it from their site and then meet them inside the game to get the gold.

That’s right, they trade real currency for warcraft gold!

Well, over the last couple of years, a lot of new guides have been released that say they can teach you how to earn a lot of gold legally on the game rather than having to buy it.

One of the ones that is the most heavily promoted is Luke Brown’s World of Warcraft Gold Guide.

He claims to be the most hated World of Warcraft player because he can gather gold so quickly and because he’s been putting gold-selling companies out of business!

Well, he says it’s great, but is the guide any good?

First of all, the sales page for the guide is a BIT hyped up, however, other than that – the guide does deliver on it’s promises.

1. Nothing illegal about it

You cannot get banned for using these strategies, they are 100% clean.

2. Fast Tricks

He shows you more efficient ways to do things that you’re already doing to help you make almost twice as much money! Same time, same effort – just do it the right way and make more money.

3. Best Places To Go

Luke does reveal the best places to go where you can find the most gold and get the highest value trades – this information alone is priceless!

4. Very step by step

The best part maybe is that the guide is incredibly easy to follow – everything is broken down into small steps with maps/images and everything you need.

If you play World of Warcraft and want to have even a chance against most of the good players, you have to learn how to earn gold quickly. The best way is to pick up a copy of the best guide on the internet from a true expert.

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