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Anthony Vaughn, November 4, 2012

All of these are done in such a way by Environmental Planners that any part of the design doesn��t hamper the economic, social, natural, political, and such factors, if not benefit them. It is their job to do all this within proper ethics and reach the sustainable results.

Present day environmental planners take upon the basic jobs of social and economic development, urban and regional development, management of natural resources and integration of the land use, and finally infrastructure and governance systems.

All these fields are managed keeping in mind and not playing around with regulations imposed by national government on environment.

Starting with surveys of landscape and vegetation to the nature of relation the design has on these factors, everything is managed by the environmental planners. They are also trained in Environmental Impact Assessment where they need to be able to assess the results of the project on all the factors of environment before the development has started.

Their job also requires them to aid the decision making process of the clients, and represent the clients and designs in Public hearings.

These planners need to be knowledgeable and experienced in geological as well as social, political, and economical studies. This is as they are required to the lands climate and weather, the soil and types of corrosion. They need to be able to make legislative representation and also be good in the power of persuasion and management when it comes to dealing with the public.

They also need to be able to give estimates on the economic profits to the client, and should have the ability to enhance and make these profits more. For example, in the case of dealing with a wet swampy land, there are lot of endangered species which inhabit the place, and as such the planners need to be able to find alternatives to this and still be able to give equal and if not more profits to the client. This is a reason why they may even need to know botany and zoology.

Further on, the environmental planners consult the local stake holders and make their involvement more and active, so as to bring about a sense of ownership in them.

Randall thorp and agency is an example of Environmental Planners who have aided a lot of their clients to reach their goals, and one may be able to consult them and use their services contacting them going to their website in the net which is easy.

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