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Anthony Vaughn, December 2, 2012

If sunglasses were to dive in the synonym sea the following would follow;

Glares, Shades, Goggles, Sun-Cheaters, Peepers, Sun-Specs, Quizzing Glass, Lorgnette and the list runs endless. With style savvy bubblegum brigade sunglasses have more to say, than just do up their basic job. The most fundamental need which led to its invention was to shield the eyes from piercing sunlight. Not only as a fashion accessory but it also acts as a visual aid for those who wear prescription glasses. Such glasses exist which feature lenses that are colored, polarized or darkened.

With proliferated fashion conscious population, sunglasses form an indispensable part of the metro attire. Designer sunglasses not only add a tint of spice to your look but also shelter your eyes from the harmful ultra�Cviolet rays of the sun. A lot of brands are buzzing in the market giving hot deals at marked down prices or sites with site wide discounts have an eyeful for all. Paradigm shift in the life styles and increased expending capacity of the 21st century populous has resulted in chic teens, glam adults and surprisingly superfluous stylish oldies. No matter from which age group you pick�Cup, sunglasses have made their presence felt with every age, every section of society and almost every mind that sees the eye.

Designer eyeglasses work as an add-on to the expensive dresses donned by individuals. The star power is something that strikes magic, not only now but in yesteryears too. Right from the inception of the fashion era, stars have been the brand ambassadors. From aviators, oversized, shutter, tea shades to, clip on eyewear, wayfarers & wraparound eyeglasses all have been popularized by stars in some or the other way. The impact of all this has resulted in mass craziness for designer eyewear. Branded sunglasses with brand tags like Chanel Sunglasses, Prada Sunglasses, Oakley Sunglasses and Ray Ban Sunglasses are too much in vogue presently.

These days�� brands not only keep in mind the designer look of the glares but also the comfort and the utility aspect too. That��s why stylized goggles can be spotted in the nook and corner of all fields. For e.g. sports, space etc. In these spheres designer eyeglasses append trendy appeal to maximized comfort. Here they have to meet unique chucks when worn for sports. Sports require armored and impact-resistant lenses; a strap or other fixing that keeps the glasses in place during sporting activities coupled with a nose cushion. Similar is the case with water sunglasses or surf goggles used for water sports like surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking etc.

Another imperative and timeless beauty that adores every mortal��s wrist is the wrist watch. No apparel can prove its completeness without the charisma of a wrist watch. And if that watch speaks a designer name, then exquisiteness derives an exceptional connotation. Assorted array of watches ranging from sports strength, delicate danglers, tough looks, glamorous gazers to classy show stoppers one can take his/her pick with ease.

Thus, with the trends oscillating high & low within the fashion territory among the panache frenzy folklore, accessories like designer eyewear or watches can never go out of demand or sight.


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